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Shenzhen Cycopower Technology Co.,Ltd. is specialized in development, manufacture and sales of Lithium-ion, Lithium-Polymer, LiFePO4, NiMH rechargeable batteries of ranging from 3Wh to 5000Wh, which batteries are widely used in various electric devices, including power tools, gardening tools, electric scooters, hand-held terminals, medical equipment, hoverboards, GPS system, industrial supporting, industrial lighting and other industries.
By the application of standard communication protocol and software technology, our products are made as more intelligent and humanized during operation process. With the strictest quality assurance policy and operation management, Cycopower has passed the ISO9001 since year 2013 and has got safety certifications of United States UL1642, UL2722, FCC, Europe IEC CB and CE. All the product materials are RoHS compliant.
Based on the customer-oriented business principal, Cycopower has kept cooperation with the world famous battery cells manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Sanyo, etc., ensuring continuous high quality products during each process such as battery cells sorting, welding, assembly, testing. and providing individual customized designs in structural design, connector design, electrical parameters, dis-charging mode, temperature control etc. through the integration of both software and hardware, and to satisfy different customers in different markets. 
Cycopower engaging itself in offering innovative battery and energy solutions, will continue to concern customer needs in other fields of application of electric devices, and to strengthen the technical superiority, support energy conservation and environmental protection, to sustainably provide customers with valuable products and services, become a genuine lithium-ion battery specialist as always, maintain a leader image. 

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